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☠ One piece ☠ Long live Oda-sensei

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A sobbing little Law …my feels

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favorite relationships [1/?]:  roronoa zoro/nami, one piece

because of you, i feel that i’ve gone through so many hardships that i wouldn’t have to.

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Colour Spread Favourites: Roronoa Zoro
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Do you think Law is a good daddy?


Ugh, I had this all written out, or mostly written out, but then suddenly Firefox closed because somehow I hit a button I shouldn’t have? I dunno, my new computer is crazy sensitive with the mouse pad and it drives me nuts. ><

ANYWAY! It did take me some time to answer this because my thoughts on this are somewhat complicated? It’s also long, so bear with me.

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why am crying ?

The only thing i want for him right now is to stay alive .. it’s just scary knowing that Oda-sensei can kill him at any moment … but THIS it’s like the dream i have for him   he has to heal and find happiness !

Please someone write about this !

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Can’t get over one piece i’m to deep into it way too deep.
Now i understand why Law and Robin are so sinister gloomy morbide and talk about people dying in the most morbide way possible as if they are talking about taking a walk. They are the only survivors of their homeland, they never thought about living , death was their only way out … And to think that there are children in the real world who suffer like they did .. the more i read manga the more i lose faith in humanity .

Back to the manga , i really think in his own way Doffy cared for Law and i dare say loved him as a younger brother, but in the back of my head there is this voice which says that he was using him and that he knew that Law was a D or assumed that his was , because the book he was reading about Flavence can’t be talking about recent events , it has to be about legends and rumors.

I can’t get over that one pannel where Doffy saved Law and Baby5 ,i get teary whenever i see it. I can’t accept how easily Law cut Baby5 and Buffalo and he used Jora as a shild .
I feel like he betrayed me , seriously they did nothing wrong to him they took care of him and were his family once. I would understand if his rage was only directed to Doffy.

And let’s talk about Doffy past, we thought he was spoiled brat yes he’s cause like a typical celestial dragon he isn’t aware that he did wrong doing wrong but in away i understand where he’s coming from i understand that he wants to wipe out the celestial dragon i understand that he resent commun human, cause oh god the human where he lived were blinded by hatred and took it out on the wrong people , the father had noble attention but he should have taught Doffy better than going around saying he is Celestial dragon , but it’s seems that more than being naive the father wasn’t aware that the people suffered because of the celesial dragon ways.

Finally it’s about time that Oda-sensei reveal some things about the D it has dragged too much, let’s not talk about the lost history.

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Yeah, the way Yukichi acted was just so?? :/ yamamori, you could be so much better than that!!

I have just received your message. I had so much hope for the manga it could have been one hell of a shojou it had potential.but it turned to a typical one when chunchun went out with mamura. I hated the fact it went with steriotype like “you will forget a past love witha new love” all i see is that she lost a really good friend,even thought he loved her with time they could be best friends it’s pretty much like that in real life.one sided love can turn into great friendship but using a friend ship to forget a love is just wrong. Chunchun doesn’t love mamura there isn’t a single clue that says otherwise